Porsche Taycan Used For Sale – The Ultimate Guide About Features Of Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan
Porsche Taycan Used For Sale – The Ultimate Guide About Features Of Porsche Taycan

Whether you’re looking to buy a new or used Porsche Taycan, there are a few things to consider. Besides the price, you’ll want to look at the engine, transmission, design and performance, as well as the exterior and interior. Plus, there are tips you should keep in mind, too.


Taycan is Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle. Its sleek style and surprisingly low center of gravity provide an excellent driving experience.

Porsche Taycan Overview

The Taycan features two electric motors and a two-speed transmission on the rear axle, meaning that its acceleration is unmatched. Even the base model has a 0-to-60 time of just over five seconds. But it does have some limitations. The EPA estimates that the Taycan has a maximum range of 246 miles. In addition, the battery size affects how far it can travel.

The Taycan comes with several driver-assist features, including active anti-roll bars, adaptive dampers, and regenerative braking. These technologies are not only great for keeping the Taycan stable and comfortable, they also help to minimize the noise and vibrations of the drivetrain. Click here to check pre-owned inventory of Porsche Taycan

There are four main driving modes. Range mode limits the top speed to 140 km/h. This mode is useful for maximizing the mileage. However, concerted acceleration can override this mode.

The Taycan also has an advanced regenerative braking system. If you need to stop, the car is ready with the quickest and most effective braking. Also, it features a retractable rear spoiler.

Popular Features

If you’re looking for a new sports car, you may want to check out Porsche’s Taycan. This high-end sedan is available in several models and can be had in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

The Taycan’s interior has a modern, slick feel. It features a large curved display that enhances the driving experience. Some of its other highlights include Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto.

Porsche Taycans have an 800-volt system and can recharge from 5% to 80% in 22-1/2 minutes. Porsche has also redesigned its battery to give it more power. And it’s got plenty of optional features.

For example, Porsche Taycans come equipped with active lane control and forward-collision warning. Other safety features include automatic emergency braking and a surround-view camera system. You can even get a 360-degree parking camera.

In addition to all the standard safety equipment, you can opt for a Burmester(r) High-End Surround Sound System, a 12-speaker Bose stereo, and air springs that can soak up rough terrain. There are also optional features like cabin air ionization and wireless smartphone charging.

Design And Performance

The Porsche Taycan is a fully electric, high performance sports car that offers a new level of driving experience. Its sleek design features aerodynamics and advanced technologies. This battery-powered vehicle also provides a wide range of standard and optional options.

Porsche Taycan models feature a range of exclusive exterior color options. In addition to the traditional white and silver, they are available in 17 other paint colors. A few examples include Moonlight Blue Metallic, Rubystar, Acid Green, and Ruby Star. They also come with leather-free Race-Tex upholstery and standard partial leather.

Interior features are reminiscent of the Porsche 911, including a minimalist design. The interior has a glass-paneled cockpit and an elongated oval shape. There are a number of touchscreens, which can be configured to show different views. Also available are navigation, cruise control, SiriusXM, voice recognition, and HD radio.

The Taycan is also a pioneer in the realm of autonomous driving. It comes with a suite of sensors, including front and rear radar. You can also use your smartphone to remotely park the car.

Exterior and Interior

Porsche Taycan is an electric sports car that combines the thrill of driving with a luxurious interior. Its low center of gravity allows it to control curves with ease.

Porsche Taycan Exterior and Interior

The base model is powered by a single electric motor, but other versions feature an innovative two-speed transmission. Whether you opt for the standard version or a Taycan that is equipped with the Performance Battery Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of range.

Despite its relatively small size, the Taycan has enough space to seat five passengers comfortably. The trunk is large enough to store twelve cubic feet of cargo.

The front seats are heated, as well as electrically adjustable. They also feature cup holders and a clock. There’s a steering wheel wrapped in leather. In the rear, there’s plus-two seating for three.

Some models of the Taycan feature all-wheel drive. A rear-wheel-drive Taycan is scheduled to be introduced later in 2021.

The Taycan’s standard technology includes Bluetooth, an eight-way power adjustable steering wheel, and a digital gauge cluster. You can also choose to have a full leather interior.

Consumption and Emissions

The Porsche Taycan is a full electric production vehicle with 800 volt technology. It is the first vehicle in the world to achieve this voltage. Depending on the climate and route, energy consumption and emissions may vary.

In addition, a heat pump is available for the Taycan. This efficiently heats the interior and increases the range of the car. Also, a titanium dioxide coating breaks down pollutant particles into harmless substances when exposed to sunlight.

Taycan body parts are made of forged aluminium. The front side members are a mix of extruded and forged sections. Similarly, the side roof frame is constructed from hot-formed steel. Moreover, the body’s entire outer skin is also made of aluminium.

At the rear of the car, a three-stage rear spoiler extends in accordance with the speed of the vehicle. The spoiler’s aerodynamic efficiency ensures a long distance and reduces drag.

A multi-link axle is used with hollow-cast aluminium lightweight swivel bearings. A three-chamber air suspension offers a wide range of spring rates.

There are also numerous assistance systems. These help make the journey safer and more comfortable.

Engine and Transmission

The Porsche Taycan’s engine and transmission are a powerhouse. Its inbuilt torque vectoring system makes it an instant power delivery system. There’s a regenerative braking system as well, and it is able to produce up to 265 kW of recuperation.

Porsche Taycan Engine and Transmission

The transmission in the Porsche Taycan is a two-speed solution, and it was developed in-house. That means it is a true Porsche product, and it’s not a cheap solution. In the future, however, it may be possible to get a driver-controlled version.

The Taycan is a rear-wheel drive car, and it can also run as a front-wheel drive vehicle. For this, a dog clutch is used. The clutch is fully on or fully off, and it allows the motor to spin independently. When running in front-wheel drive, the torque output is higher.

One of the most important components of the structure of the Porsche Taycan is the low gear. This is important because it ensures the car’s stability in accelerations from a dead stop, and it also improves operational capacity at high speeds.

Tips For Buying

Porsche’s Taycan is the German luxury car manufacturer’s first all-electric vehicle. It’s an attractive looking four-door sedan, and it’s also one of the fastest production cars on the road. But there are several things to consider before buying a Porsche Taycan.

Despite its electric-powered status, the Taycan is not an affordable car. It’s more expensive than most electric cars on the market, and it doesn’t have the range or efficiency of rivals like the Jaguar I-Pace or the Tesla Model S. However, it’s worth considering for the right buyer.

If you aren’t sure if a Porsche is right for you, it’s worth getting out for a test drive. Unlike some sports cars, a Porsche is built to be comfortable. Plus, a lot of the creature comforts that can be found in other high-performance sports cars are available in the Taycan.

The Taycan is available in two body styles – a four-door sedan and a Cross Turismo wagon. Both have a similar interior design, with an air-suspended, low-slung look.

The Taycan’s two-speed gearbox allows for rapid acceleration. The battery offers quick charging. And the 800-volt power system gives you a 300kW output.

Conclusion- Porsche Taycan Used

The Porsche Taycan is a three-box electric vehicle from Porsche. It’s built on an 800-volt battery system. There are seven powertrain options.

The base trim includes an electric two-speed transmission and rear-wheel drive. It also features 19-inch wheels, LED interior and exterior lighting, dual-zone automatic climate control, and Apple CarPlay and navigation.

With the Premium Package, you get a fixed panoramic roof, ambient interior lighting, 14-way power front seats with ventilation, and a Bose surround sound system. If you’re looking to get the most out of your Taycan, you can also opt for the Sport Package. This adds dynamic chassis control, rear-axle steering, and torque vectoring.

The cabin of the Taycan is spacious and clean. You’ll find an 10.9-inch configurable central touchscreen, 5.9-inch rear touchscreens, and an eight-inch center console control panel.

Inside the cabin, you’ll also find a rearview camera, lane-keeping assist, active parking, and forward-collision warning. In addition, there’s a head-up display that will be available in 2021.

As a result, the Taycan is comfortable to drive, even when you’re driving at high speeds. The rear seat is a little tight, but it’s not a problem.

Elegance in Motion: Embracing Luxury with 2023 Porsche Taycan

2023 Porsche Taycan

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